Competition law Film 5

Our brief

Small business owners in the UK do not always find competition law particularly interesting.
The Competition and Markets Authority needed to engage and educate this audience on different aspects of competition law so that they wouldn’t fall foul of the rules.


Business owners can be anyone from fishermen to accountants with varying degrees of knowledge, interest and time. We were concerned that if we focused on any particular trade then it could disengage others as not being relevant to them; and that if we used the language of competition law it would be a turn-off for everyone. We also knew that we had to make the subject visually ‘fun’ and ‘personable’ so as to attract and engage the audience whilst at the same time representing the Competition and Market Authority – a serious institution with a serious message.

We had to develop an execution that would be metaphoric so as to stay relevant to everyone, that would be in ‘normal’ language and that would be visually engaging but not flippant.


Working with the CMA we developed 11 short narratives that delivered the key information with simplicity and tone-of-voice that everyone could identify with, but also that their legal department were happy to approve. We developed a hand-drawn animation style with bespoke characters and illustrations to represent information in a clean, simple and striking execution – using metaphor and imagery that anyone could understand. We filmed a real hand interacting with illustrated elements on screen at key moments to further enhance engagement. And we cast and recorded a voiceover artist to deliver a light, friendly and inclusive tone.


Around 3000 organic views per film
This campaign gave the CMA standout in the SME marketplace. The films opened the door to new partnerships and organizations, with the films being unexpectedly adopted and distributed by organisations and their members