Vox Pops

Looking to find out the word on the street?

Video vox pops are an invaluable tool for gathering consumer or employee opinion and informing or validating your business strategy.  Unlike a survey, it brings your research to life, allowing you to engage the right people with real opinions.

Using video vox pops as a market research tool not only allows you to collect the views of consumers; it leaves you with an engaging video record for business presentation purposes and marketing.  

We are happy to offer you either the raw filmed material or an edited package


professional production

Like all films, vox-pops have a valuable business purpose and should be treated with the same professionalism as everything else.  Quite often we are asked to included vox-pops in marketing videos and our high standards allow for integration with other filmed footage in the future.


Two approaches

Vox pops can be approached in two ways. One is to film an engaging response that fits your existing detailed market research, the other is to use the filmed interviews as the actual market research.


natural responses

Our specialists will target the right consumer for your needs, and can either harvest the required responses that humanise your existing research or approach questions without influencing the subject.  No matter their answer our team will work with the respondent to deliver their views in a concise and engaging manner.

office filming

We are often asked to film short interviews with employees either for greater employee engagement or to pass grass-root opinions back to management.

We are experienced in ensuring that we get the best possible material without causing too much disruption to the live office environment around us; or the employees who’s valuable time we are using.

street filming

It is no mean feat to convince people to stop and give their time and opinions on the street, to a camera when people are often camera-shy.  To do so with an agenda of the type of person; the desired responses; and often even specific location requirements – such as ‘make it look global’ – is what makes us a first choice for many.