Video Production

We offer a complete in-house film and video production service with a great deal of brand, online/social, campaign and business experience.

Our experience, knowledge and reliability are second-to-none and this is without doubt why 100% of our clients are repeat clients.

We scale and select our team for each project and work closely with our clients to ensure a smooth-running process that meets the objectives whilst delivering outstanding visuals and the material required for an engaging video that will capture the audience.

We can deliver the final rushes to you in any format you require or we can manage the post-production process in-house, including editing and motion graphics.


Outstanding quality

We pride ourselves on producing the very highest quality videos, both in terms of production values and narrative content.  Our production team are always selected based on the individual requirements of each video, to ensure the very best standards required – be it in sound, lighting or directing.

Meanwhile our policy of interrogating  the objectives, brand and audience ensure that our team are well-prepped to get the best content that you need.



Good experiences

We can handle every part of the production process, from prep through to post production and final delivery.  This depth of understanding allows us to take the burden off you, whilst also working with you on the things that matter.

Coupled with our company ethos to be as open and flexible as possible, this leads to a pro-active, supportive and robust process.


Great storytelling

Behind almost all videos is a human story, whether it’s about a business team, a new product or a personal experience.

Our filmmakers always consider the footage needed to bring a story to life and look for ways to humanise and focus the audience on the things that matter.  When filming people we work with them to deliver the key messages whilst also coming across as relaxed and genuine.

Special effects filming to create a break-down recovery scene for Ford.

Location filming

No two locations are the same.  Our team are experienced at liaising with location owners to ensure that they are happy with what we are doing; and that we know how to work within the rules and quirks of each location – be it time restraints, hazards or a need to work around others.

Health and Safety on rail tracks at night

Privacy rules for patients in a hospital

Engaging interviews

Everyone are different with a different story to tell.  They may be nervous, experienced, over-rehearsed and/or short on time.  We gauge the situation early on to ensure the best approach for the production.  Similarly, our interviewers are highly experienced at building rapport and following a journey that assures the best most human responses possible whilst also ticking off the key messages.

Integration with graphics

In modern production there is often an integration between video production, motion graphics and animation.  Sometimes it involves filming on green and blue screens for compositing.  Sometimes filming is used to bring a graphical film to life, sometimes it’s the other way around.  We are experienced at managing film shoots in conjunction with the post-production requirements to ensure a seamless final video.

Integrating filmed footage from a chroma-screen studio and compositing with graphics.