Motion Graphics

We are known for creating visually stunning 2D and 3D motion graphics in line with current fashions and trends.  Our motion graphics are either films in their own right such as infomercials or product films; or they are integrated into filmed footage to bring a message to life in an engaging and relevant way.

Motion graphics come into their own when creating video sequences that we couldn’t otherwise film, for example when representing something that does not actually exist in the real world; or where we need to include engaging text.


we love motion graphics

We want to create great motion graphics.  Used in the right way, for the right audience, motion graphics are a powerful tool to tell a client’s story.  Our designers are always tinkering in the background trying out new ideas and staying up to date with the latest trends.  We even try to start some ourselves. 


Great design

Our passion is to create great work for our clients.  Good design simply isn’t good enough for us.  We think the difference is simple – great design comes from the heart of the brand; it reflects the brand tone of voice, its values and its ethos – whilst also being pretty cool.


Award winning

Our motion graphics have helped our global media agency clients win the most prestigious awards in their field, and not just the odd one, an impressive total of 63 over the last 4 years. We think that speaks for itself.

The process

Great design comes from strong insights and collaboration.  We always bring our producers, copywriters, designers and coffee together to discuss the background, context and insights forming any execution.  Our designers then brainstorm and develop ideas that are sent to the client for feedback before embarking on the full design and build, with preset milestones along the way.

Sometimes we like to be a bit old fashioned and start a project with just a pencil and paper.  Crazy, we know!  We sketch, draw and develop our ideas before transferring the best ones to the computer and the ‘others’ to the recycle bin or shredder.

caring about clients

No two clients are the same.  All have their own identity, style and timeframes; and often want to work with us in a slightly different way – something that we embrace.

We work hard to understand our clients to make the process as smooth for them as possible, whilst delivering the right motion graphics design, in the right way, for the right reasons.

going old school with gifs

Recently gif images that once represented the earliest animations on the web have made a resurgence.  Rather than still being seen as the pixelated dancing icons of old, their simplicity integrated with modern design has transformed them into an engaging solution.  Their strength is in the ability to deliver a simple idea quickly and to be so easily embeddable across all digital platforms.   It’s always fun to find new ways of using them.  Here’s some of our favourites we created for birthdays and holidays..