We have our own in-house edit facilities and our known for our proactive and streamlined approach.  Our editors are highly experienced and pay great attention to the structure of the film, its narrative, pacing and mood.

Although we offer a complete video production service and usually take on full projects from concept through to delivery, we are happy to offer an edit-only service and edit footage that you’ve already shot.


Bringing films to life

Our editors are expert craftspeople when it comes to knowing what material to use, re-order, mix and manipulate to ensure the right tone, narrative and pace.  Whether it’s a documentary, brand, campaign or digital billboard, our team are experienced at bring the project to life.


Engaging the audience

We spend a lot of time getting to understand the brand, objectives and audience because the films we produce often have a purpose.  Our editors are expert at manipulating the material to ensure maximum audience engagement and a film that works.


Multiple formats

Editing is not just about video.  We can work with multiple formats including photos, audio, graphics, pdf, photoshop and illustrator files; and we can deliver in any video or digital format that you require, including master copies, DVD, online, billboard and powerpoint formats.

The process

The editing process is led by the creative.  Some films are script based, some interview led, some involve visuals driven by music, voiceover or both and some are a mix-bag of media.

Our editors work closely with the production team to ensure the best editing process for the project with the aim of making the best film possible, as efficiently for the client as possible.


Colour Grading + QC

Once an edit is ‘locked’ we can colour grade to match footage and give a visual look-and-feel. Broadcast content must adhere to strict video signal rules and so grading and QC’ing is essential.