Our animation films are amongst some of the most successful we’ve made for our clients.  The advantage of animation is that it can get to the heart of a story without distractions.  We develop characters including people, animals or sometimes even shapes and bring them to life with their own movements and identities.  We create the environments to set the scenes for our films and then bring it all together to tell a visually strong animated story.


Bringing Characters to life

We create characters that feel real as though you might know them.  Sometimes they represent a certain demographic or person, sometimes they are designed to be universal but with recognisable human qualities.  Designing characters, their clothes, movements and mannerisms is something we take great pride in.


great design

Good design isn’t good enough for us. Our passion is to create great work for our clients. We think the difference is simple – great design comes from the heart of the brand; it reflects the brand’s tone of voice, its values and its ethos.


telling stories

Storytelling is at the heart of what we do.  We work hard to develop the right narrative, pace and tone to ensure the audience will be engaged with the brand and its messaging. This focus helps ensure that our work is successful in achieving its required goals.


The way we approach animation is through brainstorming and meetings all together, designers, producers, copywriters, to gathering ideas.  We like to think outside the box considering all the possibilities to create a good concept behind the design.  Every project has a strong meaning, it’s never just visually catchy.  We know our clients and know how to best approach their needs. One thing that is never missing at the meeting table though is coffee!

We like to be a bit old fashioned and start every project just with pencil and paper.  Ideas come more naturally through these tools. We sketch, draw, design, to find the right way to communicate our concept.


Working with different clients is challenging, each has their own identity and style. For us it’s important to consider their needs and understand what suits best. There are different ways of using motion design and we always  work side by side with the client to make sure that we choose the right one that is in line with their identity. 2d, 3d, vector, text animation, compositing.

We love gifs

Recently gifs images have become more and more popular on the web. The powerful thing about them is that they deliver a concept quickly and automatically. They can be incorporate directly in the website, and to be honest it’s always fun finding new ways of using them. We created a small collection of loopable gifs for birthdays and holidays. Here’s our favourites.