Wellbeing Charter films

Wellbeing in SMEs
Wellbeing in the NHS and Local Authorities
Wellbeing in large organisations

Our brief

The Greater London Authority asked us to produce a series of films to celebrate the commitment, hard work and achievements of 14 organisations that took part in the London Workplace Well-being Charter. The films were to be screen at an awards ceremony.

What we did

We saw an opportunity to create a series of films with a dual purpose – on the one hand we would meet the brief in creating a film to celebrate the successes of those involved in the Charter, and at the same time we would create it in such a way that highlighted the benefits and encourage others to get involved. We wanted to make the films feel genuine and personable. To do this, we focused on capturing the personalities and nuances of the businesses involved to show their passions and commitment for a better work life for all.