Scope Great Donate Commercial

Our brief

We were asked by disability charity, Scope, to produce a commercial for their annual great donate campaign. The aim was to generate one million in-store donations of pre-owned items. Our brief was to create a parody of the classic Cadbury’s Milk Tray adverts and feature a disabled celebrity that would appeal to women.

What we did

Spoofs are not always easy. How similar can the films be for it to work? Will the original advertisers mind? How do you turn a chocolate box into a Scope donation bag? Who would be the ‘Milk Tray Man’? These were all questions we had to answer in a very short timeframe at the same time as scripting, storyboarding, getting permission to use the iconic music from the original advert and working all out to create a film that was going to achieve the donations that Scope wanted.

Not only did Adam Hills from ‘The Last Leg’ express his interest to be involved, but so did Holly Candy (nee Valance) from ‘Neighbours’, along with a well respected stunt man who was working on Star Wars at the time. Crucially Cadbury also gave their blessing. Everything came together well and we think the results speak for themselves…

And the results...

The results were outstanding with the video being picked up by the media and featured on Huffington Post, Loose Women, Channel 4 news, and The One Show. Adam and Holly shared the film online, which sparked other celebrities to do the same. And importantly, the campaign was so successful that the charity exceeded their annual donation target by 120% in just the first month.

Behind the Scenes video

To accompany the main commercial, we were asked to produce a behind-the-scenes film to be used to help build excitement for the campaign as well as be used as additional engagement for anyone interested in the main production. This involved liasing closely with the main production to ensure they could work unhindered, whilst getting the footage and interviews required.