Scope Brand Film

Our brief

Scope tasked us with creating a film that fundamentally highlights their core values whilst also detailing the full range of services and support that they offer.

What we did

Our target audience for this film was everyone – from the disabled community through to businesses. We knew that the film needed to detail the full list of services offered by Scope so there was an obvious risk that the film could feel ‘corporate’. We wanted to create a film that made an impact on a human level so that the audience would engage fully with everything Scope has to offer.

We believed that if we embarked on a full scale professional film production that it might feel voyeuristic and wouldn’t feel like it is about real people and their lives. As such we proposed the use of home video. Sourcing real life behind-closed-doors footage of genuine people engaging with Scope and their services.

As well as calling out to the community for footage; we trained some young disabled people on Scope’s ‘First Impressions, First Experiences’ pre-employment training program.  They then worked with our directors to film around the country on mobile phones and pocket cameras to capture specific home-movie footage of Scope in action.

Capturing life behind the scenes. Not only would this capture the atmosphere and messaging we required, but it would empower disabled people to become a part of the video production itself.

As the filmmaking itself had become a mini example of what Scope is all about, we decided to film the voiceover session with Sophie Morgan, as another insight behind the scenes of Scope.