London Volunteers 2012

Thank you London Volunteers 2012
1 - Preparing for the games
2 - A world in one city
3 - Youth
4 - A day in the life
5 - Best bits

Our brief

In the summer of 2012, the UK came alive with a large sporting event and the Greater London Authority wanted to create the best possible experience for everyone.

The London Ambassadors was the Mayor of London’s volunteering programme for this event.  8,000 volunteers (plus 1,500 reserves and managers) were recruited and deployed across London at key locations including airports, train stations, public spaces and commercial estates. The role of the London Ambassadors was to enhance the visitor welcome to the capital and make it a special time for everyone.

The Greater London Authority wanted a thank-you film to give to the London Ambassadors at the end of the period as memories of their crucial role in making London the best it could be.  From this footage we were able to also create a series of video blogs that could be released throughout the period on their social channels to highlight the great work they were doing.

What we did

We sent out documentary directors with camera crews around London to key locations and developed a reporting network to help us find interesting people and activities so that we could move to their locations.

These directors looked for stories and narratives that best reflected what the volunteers were experiencing.

Our editors then sifted through the many hours of material to bring these collective stories and memories to life.