Working with the Food Standards Agency

We are proud (and excited) to have recently become the Food Standard Agency’s video supplier.

The Food Standard Agency use their expertise and influence to ensure that we can all trust that the food we eat is safe and is what it says it is.  The FSA want to make sure that consumers are put first and to help us all make informed choices about the food we eat now and into the future.  We are really excited about partnering with the FSA to help them fulfil this remit with their video communications.


First project

Our first brief – to produce a brand film for the FSA – quickly became two concurrent projects; with a second film to inform the public about our food future.  Something that we are working on now.  The story is quite a serious one.  The global population is vastly increasing; food production is not currently sustainable; and in the UK we are vulnerable to complex global social changes that will affect food supply.  In short, our relationship and expectations with food will need to drastically change if we are to manage a healthy and nutritious diet in the future.  No-one yet knows what the solutions are, but the overwhelming voice is that if we get it wrong, then it could be one of the biggest threats facing us in the years ahead.  The FSA want to bring the public into the debate which is partly where our film comes in.

Working with the new Canon C300 Mark II shooting 4K RAW and with Arri glass made for stunning photography.

Strangely enough, although we knew we would be working with the FSA, we hadn’t fully anticipated what this might mean in terms of filming locations.

After only 5 days of filming we had been poo’d on by cows, chilled inside an abattoir, pee’d on, worked in the driving rain, met 38,000 chickens laying, piglets suckling, calves and cattle; and on farmers-time.  It’s not often that we’re a good way through a shooting day before we film the sunrise.

The footage however is extraordinary, and we made some friends along the way…

Watch this space for the final films!