Working with Emma Thompson to raise awareness around Tuberculosis

In January this year, we worked closely with The Greater London Authority and Public Health England with their ambassador Emma Thompson on a film to help raise awareness of rising rates of Tuberculosis in London.

Did you know that London has the second highest TB rate in Western Europe?  With 2,572 reported cases in 2014?  We most certainly didn’t, and this project was a huge eye opener for the team.

In this film, Emma Thompson and her son Tindy share their personal experience of TB, aiming to raise public awareness of the symptoms and to encourage people to tell their doctor if they think they might have TB.

Tindy was diagnosed with TB in 2011 and the film follows Emma and Tindy as they travel to Whittington Hospital to meet the consultants who treated him.

Emma Thompson urges Londoners to get tested for TB – Making the video