Scope Great Donate success

Scope wanted to generate one million in-store donations of pre-owned items through their annual Great Donate Campaign and had asked us to create a spoof of the classic Cadbury’s Milk Tray adverts to achieve this.

The results are in and it is extraordinary.  The video being picked up by the media and featured on Huffington Post, Loose Women, Channel 4 news, and The One Show; and the charity exceeded their annual donation target by 120% in just one month!

Creating a spoof is not always easy.  We had to consider how similar we had to make the films for it to work, seek permission from the original advertisers including to use the iconic music and find a way of turning a chocolate box into a Scope donation bag.

Adam Hill, an Australian comedian from ‘the last leg’ and Holly Candy (nee Valance) from ‘Neighbours’ both agreed to get involved, and we developed a story where Adam (playing a Scope shop manager) tackles obstacles and high-security to leave a Scope donation bag for Holly, but with a twist on the original adverts… that she is not the only lucky lady he has visited that night.

Holly Candy (nee Valance) arrives the day after

Adam Hills spots Holly approaching

A dramatic escape
made easy
by our stunt double

Day for night

Although we filmed during the day, the film is actually set at night and so we adopted a day-for-night shooting technique.  The objective of this technique is not just to make the shot ‘darker’ but to also make it look like the scene is illuminated by the moon.  You may notice at night that the moon often provides a direct light such that  you can see the specific direction the light is coming from; and to achieve this we need a direct light source.  It is critical therefore to film in direct sunlight when it is not cloudy or to use powerful HMIs to provide that direct light.  Finally, we darken the shot and add a little bit of blue – job done.

Filming with the Red Epic gives extraordinary high quality RAW footage that allows for full manipulation and impeccable quality.

To compliment the campaign, we produced a behind-the-scenes film for increased social engagement.

Watch the video here