MS – In the dark

The MS Society today announced some extraordinary results from a project they asked us to help them produce.

One of the challenges with Multiple Sclerosis is that it can often go undiagnosed for a long time, whilst the person lives with what can be scary and debilitating symptoms.  The MS Society asked us to help them raise awareness of the condition as part of World MS Day.

The aim was to produce two films to raise awareness on what the symptoms of MS are and what it feels like to be waiting for diagnosis.  Often the symptoms can be quite scary, unexplained and disorientating, including loss of vision, difficulties to move or walk, numbness, tingling and confusion.  Meanwhile diagnosis can take an unusually long time, leaving the person in limbo as they tread water with their lives not knowing what will happen next.  They can often feel left in the dark, sometimes quite literally and so the campaign came together under the mantel #inthedark.  Our role was to film and direct interviews with people who have MS for the MS Society to edit in house.

MS symptoms #inthedark

Waiting for diagnosis #inthedark

The campaign wen’t down exceptionally well.

ITV, Sky, Channel 5 and the BBC all reported on it with Channel 4  using  parts of the film within their own video piece.

This Morning and Good Morning Britain included a segment on the campaign, Radio 5 live and Radio 1’s Scott Mills discussed it and newspapers from the Guardian to the Daily Mail featured stories; as well as local news across the country.

Online the films were featured on the Daily Dot and shared heavily across social media channels with 37,404 video plays within the first week including over 7000 quality complete views – making it one of the most successful videos for the MS Society.